Why Parlays Are The Worst Sports Bet That Exists

Most people bet for a reason. For some people it’s the fun of it all, but most people are really trying to make some money and win big. With all of the available methods of sports betting today, people are making more bets than ever before. We can make bets any time of the day or night, on any event or game, right from the comfort of our home.

College football picks explained to one may also be mentioned in connection with actual gambling with a sports book. Some people who enjoy gambling like to use sports books to bet on their favorite college football picks. That is because they at least feel like they have some knowledge of what is going on and have a fighting chance. Unlike casino games, there is little about football gambling you don’t control except for the lines. That false sense of control is what makes picking college football games as a way of gambling incredibly popular.

Why Parlays Are The Worst Sports Bet That Exists

Remember the saying about taking the home dog especially if it is a touchdown spread? Not this time. Manning will be in mid season form for this game against the Washington Redskins. Look for the Indianapolis Colts defense to be much improved and they will be a factor in this game. Take Indianapolis -6.5 to win by two touchdowns.

Kansas State, with the best back court in the NCAA Tournament of Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen should be able to wear down the BYU Cougars and pull away in the second half. Look for the first half to be close and then Kansas State will put their foot on the throat of the Cougars and pull away. Take Kansas State -5 and they will win by 10.

In the NFL betting lines, this rates as the third-easiest schedule in the NFC West and NFL with an opponents’ 2009 winning percentage of.453 (116-140). For the Seahawks to sniff .500 they must be better on the road. They were 1-7 away from home last year and are 10-22 since their run to the Super Bowl in 2005.

Keep it calm! As long as you are calm, you can stay focused on your analysis and go with what they tell you to. Getting frustrated will only blur your vision and thoughts with emotional pain and will make you go for either the higher odds, or the team you are consciously or subconsciously supporting. You do not want that, you are neither God nor a psychic, you need your analysis and you need to do what they tell you to do.

Falcons coach Mike Smith traditionally has pulled his starters after the first series in the opening game of NFLX. Sure, both of these teams have a ton of frontline talent on offense, which is why the total is very high for an opening preseason game. However, all the stars will play little if at all.

Football lines are posted on Sunday evenings in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas line is the standard among all sports betting operations. When a line moves more than one point, it is good to take a closer look and if something doesn’t look right do not bet the game.

Darren McFadden has been running wild and probably will chew up some yards here as well but when all is said and done we are going to see a dedicated New England club that will come out with a chip on its shoulder and take care of business after the rare defeat last week up in Buffalo.

Carolina’s defense is thin thanks to injuries and free agency, but Clausen should be able to take advantage of a battered Ravens secondary despite his rookie status. The Panthers will pull it out.